Ltd. now focuses on BOBDOG (BabuDou) cartoon IP integrated operation, BOBDOG (BabuDou) cartoon IP was born in 1988 in Japan, in the early 90s in China Taiwan and the Chinese market and officially became the Chinese baby brand, focus on baby products for more than 30 years. Today, the former Babu Dou has transformed from a baby company with R&D, production and sales into an asset-light company focusing on cartoon IP operation and digital integrated marketing of the brand. The company has internalised the resources of Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai and other ministries at home and abroad, combining the four parties who are the best at sales, design, manufacturing and branding to work together to create a "win-win cooperation and sharing" community of interests.

          The scope of Baboudou's licensing includes: children's clothing, children's shoes, baby underwear, stationery, school bags, toys, games, books, strollers, bedding, mother and baby products, bedding, lifestyle products, accessories, gifts, etc. Baboudou also welcomes people from all walks of life to brainstorm together, whether it is cross-border or CP, Baboudou is willing to cooperate with more licensees to create a "Republic of Baboudou" in the field of mother, baby and children industry. The Republic of BabuDou".