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BOBDOG The 30th Anniversary "Year of Time and Space Fairy Tale" theme tour show grand opening

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We met at a probability of 1/1300,000,000,But have a 30-year story,Thank you for playing with you.


We met at a probability of 1/1300,000,000

But have a 30-year story

Thank you for playing with you.

Bob bean (BOBDOG), 30 years.

Babu Bean (BOBDOG), hundreds of commodities,

The annual retail sales of the brand has exceeded RMB 4 billion.

BOBDOG has had close contact with hundreds of millions of consumers.

Bob Bean (BOBDOG), a common childhood memory of two generations.

Christmas New Year is coming,

Popular babu bean

And his friends will invite big friends and children.

Let's swim together in a fairy tale world.

Bring important people this winter,

To the world of fairy tales, the Babu Bean Kingdom,

Go to a romantic warm heart with Babu Bean~

In 2018, Babu Bean

It will be patrolled around the country, so stay tuned!