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I accidentally played BOBDOG for 30 years.

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We hope that more children can wear BOBDOG children's wear, BOBDOG children's shoes, BOBDOG candy, BOBDOG's slide car, BOBDOG skin care products, watch BOBDOG's children's drama, happy growth!


Well-known children's brand BOBDOG Barbie

30th anniversary

March 24th

Babudou (China) Children's Products Co., Ltd.

A celebration ceremony was held in Shanghai

And with Zhongsheng World Mall

Co-hosting the charity theme event of “Yiqiwang World”

The original artist of the brand, Ms. Nagai Takako

Mr. Lin Qidong, founder of Babudou (China)

As well as many brands from around the world.



— Enthusiastic charity, celebrating with love —

BOBDOG celebrated its 30th birthday with charity events. In addition to the diversified Babu bean products and the BOBDOG model that children loved, BOBDOG also launched a 99-yuan painted white model piggy bank. All proceeds from this piggy bank will be donated to the Wheatfield Education Foundation to finance the education of mountain children. Many parents and children are giving their love and the atmosphere is very warm.


In addition, BOBDOG presented the original paintings drawn by Ms. Nagai to the Wheatfield Education Foundation. Ms. Nagai, known as BOBDOG "Mom", is also engaged in painting interaction and signature activities on the spot, celebrating with Chinese BOBDOG fans. It is reported that “Yiqiwang World” will last until April 15th and will hold a closing ceremony on the same day. At that time, BOBDOG will announce the proceeds during the event and donate on site.


▲ BOBDOG 30th Anniversary Exhibition

— The birth of BOBDOG —


Ms. Nagai has painted BOBDOG for 30 years. This image has been changed according to the aesthetic changes of the times. At the same time, she also created many small friends of BOBDOG, including BOBDOG's girlfriend Miss Cherry, good friends, and so on. The cartoon image that children like is rich and vivid in the BOBDOG family.

The host introduced the interesting things about the birth of BOBDOG at the scene:

In Japan in 1988, the streets were full of pink, pink and blue cute kittens and rabbits that girls liked. Miss Yongjing is not interested in this cute style, looking forward to designing a line with black power. The image that can be expressed. Just one day a brand phone called Miss Yongjing and asked, "Do you have an American-style boy image?" Miss Yongjing felt that the time was right! On that night, she had raised a white puppy and used it on a copy paper. The black magic stroked a large dog with an upright ear, a cute and curious expression, and LITTLE BOBDOG was born.

- The next 30 years of fun -

The 6-meter-high giant "BOBDOG" was arranged at the event site, which took on the responsibility of the "Yiqiwang World" lighting ceremony. BOBDOG believes that public welfare needs to be joined by each individual, and BOBDOG's brand philosophy is “playing together”, which also has the meaning of sharing and sharing. Therefore, this lighting ceremony is not opened by stars or business representatives, but invites. All the guests on the scene took out their mobile phones, turned on the flashlights on the mobile phones, and projected the lights on the BOBDOG model in the cheers of “three, two, one, playing together” to welcome the next 30 years of fun!


BOBDOG was born in Japan and grew up in China. In the first 30 years, BOBDOG has already been integrated into the childhood memories of Chinese children. After 80, 90, and 00, perhaps wearing BOBDOG children's wear, BOBDOG children's shoes, and children carrying BOBDOG bags, now With your own children, the constant is the company of BOBDOG. The difference is that the world of BOBDOG is more extensive today.01

In 2017, BOBDOG ushered in a new head, and founder Mr. Lin Qidong handed BOBDOG to the new head of Mr. Wang Shiquan. In the context of a major change in the consumer market, BOBDOG has transformed into a light asset company, authorizing a number of categories to quality manufacturers. BOBDOG is a brand to help authorized companies establish sales channels, brand building, online promotion, advertising. Delivery, media relations, and more.

After 30 years of development, BOBDOG is not only a brand, but has become a strong IP with a large age and nostalgia, and this IP is still in the stage of development, in addition to the BOBDOG classic Babu bean children's wear, Babu beans Children's shoes, Babu bean stationery and other categories, in 2017 also added children's slides, toiletries, early education, sleep supplies, raincoats and other industrial categories, from traditional stores, store consumption scenarios, to online, offline The integrated O2O model gradually enhances the consumer's shopping experience and enriches the consumer's shopping scene. A more imaginative and innovative product model will be BOBDOG's next 30-year goal.


We hope that more children can wear BOBDOG children's wear, BOBDOG children's shoes, BOBDOG candy, BOBDOG's slide car, BOBDOG skin care products, watch BOBDOG's children's drama, happy growth!01